Resource-saving software development for microprocessors with and without operating system

You are planning to develop an application on a modern microcontroller, but do not want to deal with complex interfaces and communication protocols for connectivity, access to storage media, etc.?

In this case, we will create a software platform for your hardware that supports the necessary interfaces and communication protocols. So, you can concentrate on your application and your core task and bring your product to market faster. In various projects, we work with common microcontrollers from various manufacturers. We develop drivers, customer-specific platforms and entire applications for them.

Especially on microcontrollers, the choice of a suitable software architecture is crucial. This means that the limited resources of the hardware can be used optimally. We consult you in choosing the optimal software architecture or develop a suitable framework for your application.

Softwareentwicklung - Mikrocontroller

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Microcontroller Operating Systems and Frameworks
Microcontroller Interfaces
  • Ethernet, WLAN, Bluetooth


  • USB, SD card

  • QSPI, NOR-Flash

  • DMA, Memory

  • Display Interface

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