Embedded Security

for control systems in industrial automation and for IoT devices

When developing embedded systems, especially for connected devices, security requirements must be taken into account in the design and implementation.

We support customers in the development of secure embedded systems leveraging hardware security features.

IBV Services

  • Support for implementing secure embedded systems according to IEC 62443

  • Support for risk assessments based on threat analyses

  • Identification and evaluation of protection measures

  • Implementation of security features

IBV Expertise

  • Secure boot for embedded processors and microcontrollers (verified boot, measured boot)

  • Encryption for communication protocols, data storage and firmware images

  • Certificates and certificate management, public key infrastructure (PKI) and certificate enrollment

  • Integration with a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) or hardware security module (HSM)

  • Leveraging security extensions of processors (e. g. OP-TEE with ARM TrustZone, AMD/Intel fTPM/PTT)

  • Access control and rights management

  • Security patch management

  • Secure firmware update

We are at your service!

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