EtherCAT Network Configuration Library by IBV


EtherCAT® Configuration Library

for Desktop and Embedded Systems

The EtherCAT Master Configuration Library is used to create an ENI configuration (EtherCAT Network Information) for a customer specific EtherCAT network. This configuration can be evaluated by an EtherCAT master stack to initialize a network.

EtherCAT Network Configuration Library by IBV
  • Suitable for integration into a custom engineering tool

  • No runtime licenses

All details for the icECAT. EtherCAT Configuration Library

The network topology (composition of EtherCAT slaves) can be obtained by the library via an API. This allows a network to be composed manually (offline). Alternatively, a network scan can be used to automatically read the structure of an existing network.

The library evaluates the ESI information (EtherCAT Slave Information) for the existing EtherCAT slaves and creates the necessary configurations initially using the default settings (e.g. for initialization commands, mailbox configuration, process variables, cyclic commands, etc.). User-specific settings can optionally be passed to the library via the API.

The library generates an ENI configuration according to ETG.2100, which can be exported in XML format. An EtherCAT master stack can read this file for network initialization. Alternatively, the information can be passed directly to an instance of the icECAT EtherCAT Master Stack in binary form.

  • Management of an ESI repository, list of available slaves
  • ESI parser for reading ESI XML files
  • Online network scan
  • Configuration of the EtherCAT network with adding, deleting and moving of slaves
  • Slave configuration:
    • Configuration of the process data via the PDO assignment
    • DC Configuration
    • Custom CoE Init Commands
    • Support EoE, FoE, ESM Bootstrap State
    • Support Modular Device Profile (MDP)
  • Configuration of multiple master tasks and multiple master sync units, mapping of slave sync units to master sync units
  • Master settings (e.g. DC configuration)
  • The following information is made available to the application:
    • All settings
    • Information about the process image
    • Information about the cyclic tasks

Contact our sales team and ask for a detailed list of supported features for the EtherCAT configuration.

The software architecture of the library is modular and offers flexibility when embedding it into an EtherCAT configuration tool:

The configuration library is divided into a config library and a target library. This results in the following possibilities for an integration:

  • Stand-alone configuration tool without EtherCAT Master
  • Configuration tool and EtherCAT Master in one common application
  • Configuration tool with remote connection to an EtherCAT master system

The library is designed to be independent of the technology of a user interface framework. Therefore, it can be integrated on different environments. It manages the configuration data internally and makes it available to the user interface. The user interface can be notified about changes in configuration information via an event mechanism, e.g. if a new slave is added.

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The library is delivered in source code (ANSI C). It is offered under a project-based license (royalty-free).

IBV offers professional engineering, integration, support and consulting services for Industrial Ethernet technologies on real-time and embedded systems. On request IBV can integrate the configuration library into your environment.

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