Networking of embedded devices via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, …

In many projects, networking of embedded systems – with each other or with cloud servers on the internet – is a challenge that is often more complex than the actual application itself.

Communication protocols, wireless communication, data formats, security, etc. – these are the topics we deal with in order to network devices with each other.

IBV Services

  • Connection of microcontrollers and embedded systems to the internet and cloud systems

  • Development of communication protocols

  • Development of drivers for communication interfaces

  • Integration of web servers

  • Implementation of software update functionality, SUOTA

  • Implementation of security concepts

  • Backend development for technical applications

IBV Expertise

Network Technologies
  • Ethernet

  • WLAN, Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.11

  • Bluetooth, BLE

Network Stacks, Libraries
  • IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP, TLS


  • HTTP, HTTPS, SNTP, Telnet

Data Formats
  • XML

  • JSON

Server and Backend Technologies
We are at your service!

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