Fieldbus Technologies

Master and slave systems for EtherCAT
Networking via CAN, Modbus, POWERLINK, TSN, OPC UA

Mostly in automation technology and especially in embedded applications, the networking of components via a fieldbus system or Industrial Ethernet plays a fundamental role. Various standards have established themselves on the market.

When introducing a fieldbus system, many criteria have to be considered, such as network topology, number of nodes, communication structures, cycle times, latencies, time synchronization, network configuration, etc. We have successfully implemented projects with the most important fieldbus systems established on the market. Based on this, we can also integrate the appropriate fieldbus technology in your projects.

Softwareentwicklung - Feldbusse - Industrial Ethernet

IBV Services

  • Consulting for selection of fieldbus or Industrial Ethernet technology and the appropriate hardware

  • Implementation of proof of concepts and performance measurements

  • Integration of protocol stacks, adaptation to application and operating system

  • Realization of master and slave systems

  • Configuration of networks

  • Development of solutions for time synchronization

  • Support for conformance tests

IBV Expertise

  • Client

  • Server

  • open62541 Library

  • Managing Node (MN)

  • Controlled Node (CN)

  • openPOWERLINK Stack



  • CAN controllers:
    M_CAN, C_CAN, SJA 1000, …

  • ISOBUS ISO 11783, Virtual Terminal

  • Modbus TCP
    Modbus RTU

  • Modbus Client

  • Modbus Server

Time Synchronization
  • IEEE 1588

  • gPTP

  • EtherCAT Distributed Clocks (DC)

  • PCIe PTM

icNET Fieldbus Solutions

In addition to our engineering services, we also offer our own software solutions for industrial communication under the icNET brand.

We are at your service!

You are starting the development of a new product and need one or more fieldbus technologies in your product? – Feel free to contact IBV and let us advise you.

IBV reference projects

EtherCAT slave stack on TI Sitara AM35xx under Linux, Xenomai, QNX:
integration of ET9300 slave stack code, support of TI PRU-ICSS

Development of an EtherCAT Master Stack for embedded systems

EtherCAT master application on NXP i.MX RT1064:
Cyclic task with 50 µs cycle time, distributed clocks and mailbox transfers

Control of a hydraulic servo drive via EtherCAT:
Integration of the EtherCAT Master Stack based on STM32 (proof of concept)

Integration of EtherCAT Slave IP Core ET1815 in Xilinx Artix-7 FGPA,
Connection to the PHY and slave stack code

Development of various CAN drivers
e.g. for NXP i.MX 6, Freescale MPC5121e, BOSCH M_CAN, SJA1000, …

Development of a multi-stage firmware update for a distributed machine control via CANopen

Control of a medical device via CAN bus

Development of a communication library for the J1939 communication standard

Development ISOBUS communication stack for QNX with support of the Virtual Terminal (VT) protocol

Development of a Modbus TCP library for QNX

Integration of Modbus server and Modbus client in an IoT Device

Development of a Modbus kernel driver for Embedded Linux

TSN based communication on NXP QorIQ Layerscape LS1028A:
driver development, implementation of a prototype, performance measurements

Analyzation of TSN time synchronization and TSN scheduling of Ethernet communication on TI AM65xx under Linux

Implementation of an OPC UA server for a machine controller in the textile industry
Development of a POWERLINK stack for QNX based on the openPOWERLINK stack

Development of a conformance test tool for POWERLINK