The Mission:

  • Determination of the layer thickness of a layer stack in real-time using a spectrometer

Solutions and Technologies:

  • Industrial PC with QNX RTOS

  • Adaptation of a spectrometer via Ethernet

  • Adaptation of a synchronization hardware to control the point of measurement via a RS232 interface

  • Provision of a TCP/IP interface for controlling the QNX software via an external user interface

Services by IBV:

  • Development of a prototype for the calculation of coating thickness

  • Implementation of an algorithm to predict the increase in coating thickness for an optimal shutdown of the coating process

  • Re-implementation of an existing algorithm for optimal shutdown of the coating process

  • Choice suitable hardware

  • Software design

  • Complete software development for the measuring system

  • Integration of hardware, operating system, application and external systems

  • Support during the launch of operations

  • Provision of a simulation mode to reproduce the coating process in real-time